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Korean Journal of Adult Nursing ((구)Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing)

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2005 Korean Journal of Adult Nursing ((구)Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing)ALL

Page 697 ~ 708
제목 수술실의 간호오류 및 과오 예방을 위한 E-learning 실무교육 프로그램의 개발 및 평가
Title Development of an E-learning Education Program for Preventing Nursing Errors and Adverse Events of Operating Room Nurses
저자 김정순, 김명수, 황선경
Author Kim Jung-Soon, Kim Myung-Soo, Hwang Sun-Kyung
주요어 실무교육, 간호오류, 간호과오, 프로그램 개발, 프로그램 평가
Keyword Medical errors, Continuing nursing education, Program development, Program evaluation
Purpose: This study was to develop, implement, and evaluate an e-learning education program for improving practical knowledge and preventing nursing errors and adverse events of nurses working in the operating room (OR). Method: The e-learning program was developed and evaluated according to the following processes: 1) preparation phase 2) implementation phase 3) evaluation phase. In evaluation phase, the effectiveness was analyzed based on the Kirkpatrick's model. Results: The e-learning program consisted of OR basic nursing skills and techniques and nursing activities' manual based on the categories of nursing errors: surgical operation preparation, nursing skills and techniques, environment management, patient safety and comfort, and patient monitoring. The program was provided through on-line, http:// cafe.daum.net/pnuhorn, for 4 weeks. The mean score(percent) of participants' satisfaction was 21.24±1.71(68.2%). Their total knowledge level was significantly improved(Z=-3.00, p=.003) and specifically in the category of environment management(Z=-3.77, p<.001) and patient monitoring(Z=-2.46, p=.014). The occurrence of nursing errors or adverse events was a little decreased, but not statistically significant(Z= -3.10, p=.756). Conclusion: E-learning for nurses is one way of effective and efficient teaching-learning strategies. For better e-learning, it is important to develop the vital content of the education and objective measures for detecting nursing errors and adverse events.
Page Title Author
697~708 Development of an E-learning Education Program for Preventing Nursing Errors and Adverse Events of Operating Room Nurses Kim Jung-Soon, Kim Myung-Soo, Hwang Sun-Kyung
709~718 The Lived Experience of Caregivers of Chronic Renal Failure Patient Kim Kyoung-Mi, Kong Byung-Hye
719~731 A Grounded Theory Approach on the Parting Experience of Korean Middle-aged Women with their Children Shin Su Jin, Park Boc Nam, Kang Hyo Young
732~742 A Comparison on Self-rated Health, Health Status, and Health Promotion Behaviors between Low income and Non-low income Elderly Women Shin Kyung-Rim, Kim Jeong-Sun, Kim Jin-Young
743~752 Uncertainty, Depression, and Ways of Coping in Women with Endometriosis Suh Youngseong, Ahn Sukhee
753~761 Difference in Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes between High School and College Girls Kang Seok Eun, Song Eun Ju, Lim Eun Ju
762~771 The APACHE Ⅲ Score and Multiple Organ Failure(MOF) Score in Patients who were Recipients of Decision-Making Do-Not- Resuscitate Kim Yun Sook, Yoo Yang Sook
772~782 Lifestyle Characteristics and Health Related Quality of Life in Korean Adult Kim Aekyung, Kim Jung A
783~792 The Effects of Hardiness : A Meta-Analysis of Korean Nursing Research Findings Kim Young Ock
793~811 The Relationships of Family support, Self-efficacy and Self-care Performance in Patients with Chronic Illness Son Youn-Jung, Park Young-Rye
802~812 A Study on the Effect of the Hand Acupuncture on IBS-affected College Women's Bowel Symptoms and Psychologic Health Yang Kyung Sook
813~821 A Study on Characteristics of Dyspnea in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in the Emergency Department Visits Yang Jin-Ju
822~830 A Study on the Spiritual Well-being, Family Support, and Depression of Hospitalized Cancer Patients Kim Hyun Kyung, Ko Sung Hee
831~843 The Current State and Future Directions of Clinical Practicum for Adult Health Nursing at Four-year Nursing Colleges in Korea Kim Nam-Cho, Lee Hyang-Yeon, Kim Boon-Han, Shin Kyung-Rim
844~854 The Meaning of Death Seen by Nursing Students through Collage Art Works Kim Yeong-Kyeong, Jo Kae-Hwa