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2005 Korean Journal of Adult Nursing ((구)Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing)ALL

Page 521 ~ 528
제목 중년 여성의 삶에 대한 경험
Title The Lived Experiences of the Middle-Aged Women
저자 김분한, 김윤숙, 오진환, 정은실
Author Kim Boon-Han, Kim Yoon-Sook, Oh Jin-Hwan, Jung Eun-Sil
주요어 중년여성, 삶, 경험
Keyword Middle-aged women, Lived experience
Purpose: This study was explored the experiences of the middle-aged women and tried to understand their lived experiences. Method: The data was collected from 9 participants living in Seoul from Sep. to Dec. 2003. Collection of data was by means of in-depth interviews. The analysis of the data was made the phenomenological analytic method suggested by Colaizzi(1978). Result: The 10 themes were extracted in this study ; sense of emptiness, repentance of one's past, decline of physical functions, lost one's youth, worry of children, thinking about future, importance of husband, importance of job, composure of mind, content with present life. Conclusion: Therefore, the helpful program should be developed and applied to extend positive lived experiences, and relieve or exclude negative lived experiences for the middle aged women.
Page Title Author
521~528 The Lived Experiences of the Middle-Aged Women Kim Boon-Han, Kim Yoon-Sook, Oh Jin-Hwan, Jung Eun-Sil
529~538 A Comparison on the Tobacco Control Intervention, Barriers, and Facilitators between Oncology Nurses and General Nurses in Clinical Practice Oh Pok-Ja, Shin Sung-Rae
539~547 A Study on Type A Behavior Pattern(TABP), Stress, Depression and HIT-6 in the Patients with Chronic Headache Cha Nam-Hyun, Lim Sabina, Jung In-Tae, Kim Su-Young, An Kyung-Ae, Kim Keon-Sik, Lee Jae-Dong, Lee Sang-Hoon, Choi Do-Young, Lee Yun-Ho, Lee Doo-Ik
548~560 Experience of High Risk Women Who Have Congenital Heart Disease : Transition to Parenthood Choi Kyung-Sook, Jun Myung-Hee, Lee Heung-Jae
561~572 The Study on the Gender Role Identity & Sex Stereotypes of College Students Nam Seung-Hee, Kim Myung-Ae
573~582 The Effect of Morning Stretching on Depression and Motivation of Rehabilitation for Stroke Patients Sok, Sohyune, Yang Kyung Soon, Kim, Kwuy Bun
583~591 The Relationship between Spirituality and Fighting Spirit among Cancer Patients in Korea Kim Joohyung, Lee Suk Jeong, Lee Won Hee
592~601 Features Related to Smoking and Psychological Characteristics of Coronary Artery Patients Associated with the Stage of Change in Smoking Cessation Kim Hwa Soon
602~611 The Meaning of Death Seen by Nursing Students through Art Works Kim Yeong-Kyeong, Jo Kae-Hwa, Kim Myoung-Ja
612~621 The Effect of Chest Meridian Massage on Post- Anesthetic Recovery of General Anesthesia Patients Lee Byung-Yup, Shon Kyung-Hee
622~634 Evaluating the NGCTM Evidence Based Guideline of Prompted Voiding for Use in Korea Park Myonghwa, Kim Myung Ae
635~645 A Study of Development and Evaluation of Tutorial Management Strategy for Web-based Nursing Education Choi Ji-Eun, Kim Boon-Han
646~655 An Effect of the Secondary Stroke Prevention Education Program on Self-care of Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Kang Sun Mi, Yeun Eun Ja
656~667 Mood State, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and Attitude toward Aging according to the Existence of a Spouse Jung Young-Mi
668~678 A Comparative Study on Health Risk Factors between Cancer Patients and Healthy People Lee Hyang-Yeon, Kim Yoon-Hee, Han Sang-Sook, Paik Seung-Nam, Won Jeong-Suk, Kim Si-Young, Jang Mi-Heui