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1995 Korean Journal of Adult Nursing ((구)Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing)ALL

Page 279 ~ 298
제목 간호학에서의 돌봄, 지지, 간호상황에 관한 내용 분석 연구
Title The Study on the Content Analysis of Caring, Supporting, Nursing Situation
저자 이숙자, 장성옥
Author Lee Sook Ja, Chang Sung Ok
주요어 지지, 돌봄, 간호상황
This study was designed to identify the different characteristics among the caring, supporting and nursing situation. The subjects of this study were adults in caring situation, therefore they were composed of 7 nurses, 2doctors, 2 pharmacologists, 2 men in paramedicine area, 10 nursing educators, 8 patients and 10 normal adults. The data were gathered through interview from June 20 th August 31st in 1995. The data were subjects' descriptions about caring, supporting and nursing situation and analysed by content analysis. The result were as follows: 1. Due to analyses of data, the data were divided into six categories ; psychological motive, expression of behaviors, prerequisite conditions, space, interpersonal relationship and focusing areas. 2. Considering above six categories, there were difference among the caring, supporting and nursing situation. They were as follows : 1. Caring situation is that it has interpersonal relationship based humanism and active property to deal patient's need with unconditional attitude, and is to help patients with emotional support, to provide therpeutic milieu and take place in physically assesible space. 2 Supporting situation is that has interpersonal relationship exchanging feedback, information, and trust and focuses on enhancing the partner's autonomy to solve problems, emphasizes on social aspects of interpersonal relationship sharing intention, and take place everywhere if they can share feelings, intention and information. 3. Nursing situation is the situation of nurse-patient relationship so it's backgrounds are nursing education, professional knowledges and therapeutic procedures. In nursing situation, nurse deals with patient's need based on nurses' professional judgements and emphasizes on clinical practice.
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