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2007 Korean Journal of Adult Nursing ((구)Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing)ALL

Page 12 ~ 23
제목 만성 심혈관질환자의 삶의 질 의미
Title Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Cardiovascular Disease
저자 이은현, 문성미, 탁승제, 김선희
Author Lee Eun Hyun, Moon Seong Mi, Tahk Seung Jai, Kim Sun Hee
주요어 삶의 질, 심혈관질환, 근거이론
Keyword Quality of life, Cardiovascular disease, Grounded theory
Purpose: The purpose of the present study was to explore the meaning of quality of life in patients with chronic cardiovascular disease. Methods: A grounded theory method guided data collection and analysis. A total of 16 adult outpatients with chronic cardiovascular disease was participated. Data were collected through individual in-depth interviews. All interviews were audio taped and transcribed verbatim. Coding was used to establish different concepts and categories. A theoretical sampling technique was used to obtain diverse data from many relevant categories. Results: Seven categories were extracted, and they divided into constructing and intervening factors of quality of life. Constructing factors were uncertainty, recovery in the sense of control and maintaining social life. Intervening factors were symptom experiences, social support, taking care of themselves, and reflecting life. 'Keeping restrictive conditions under control' was emerged as a core category. The meaning of quality of life in patients with cardiovascular was explained according to the levels of keeping restrictive conditions under control. Conclusion: The result of this study may contribute for health professionals to understand the quality of life in patients with cardiovascular disease.
Page Title Author
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144~154 A Study on the Use of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Korean Adults Lee Keum Jae, Kim Ok Hyun, Chun Woo Jung, Roe Myung Hee, Kang Moon Jung, Ko Sung Hee, Lee Kyeong Suk, Lee Ko Eun
155~165 The Relationships of Pain cognition, Performance Status, and Hope with Health-related Quality of Life in Cancer Patients Ryu Eun Jung, Lee Ju Mi, Choi So Young