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Korean Journal of Adult Nursing ((구)Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing)

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2007 Korean Journal of Adult Nursing ((구)Journal of Korean Academy of Adult Nursing)ALL

Page 567 ~ 582
제목 Transtheoretical Model을 적용한 국내 간호연구 분석
Title Analysis of Korean Nursing Studies Applied for the Transtheoretical Model
저자 이은현, 김진선, 정영해
Author Lee Eun-Hyun, Kim Jin Sun, Jung Young Hae
주요어 건강행위, 모델, 간호연구, 분석
Keyword Health behavior, Model, Nursing research, Analysis
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to explore the utilization of the Transtheoretical Model(TTM) for Korean nursing studies on health behaviors and identify the strategies for improvement of further studies. Methods: From a main and seven branch journals on the Korean Society of Nursing Science, a total of 26 studies, which had been conducted based upon the TTM, were selected. The selected studies were analyzed from the September of 2006 to the February of 2007 by the criteria; name of journal, year of publication, health behavior, population, sampling, sample size, research design, instrument (translation process, reliability and validity), and statistical analysis. Results: TTM on the Korean nursing studies was mainly applied for smoking cessation or exercise with elderly or middle aged women. The research findings could not be generalized with the limitation of the use of non representative samples. The most frequently used research design was a cross-sectional survey. Some studies had a lack of reliable and valid instruments, so that the internal validity of the study findings may be threatened. Statistically related problems increased type I error and decreased power. Conclusion: Korean nursing studies based on TTM can be the beginning stage in quality and quantity.
Page Title Author
517~526 A Study on the Relationship among Family Support, Morale, and Quality of Life in the Elderly Kim Kwuy Bun, Choi Jae Eun, Sok So Hyune
527~534 The Effect of a Simulated Disability Exercise Program on Attitude and Stereotyping toward People with Disabilities by Nursing Students Choi Eunyoung1, Song Yeoungsuk
535~546 Factors Influencing Life Satisfaction Among the Senior Welfare Center Elderly Kim Chun Gill, Park Hyea Ja
547~555 A Path Analysis Model of Health-Related Quality of Life in Patients with Heart Failure Kim Yong Suk
556~566 An Ethical Appraisal of Informed Consent in the Clinical Setting Kong Byung Hye, Lee Won Hee, Kim In Sook, Kim Sue, Lee Sun Hee
567~582 Analysis of Korean Nursing Studies Applied for the Transtheoretical Model Lee Eun-Hyun, Kim Jin Sun, Jung Young Hae
583~592 ICU Patients' Experience Process of Physical Restraint Kim Mi Young
593~602 Development and Evaluation of the e-learning Orientation Program for Nursing Student’s Adapting to Clinical Practicum Yi Yeo Jin
603~613 Quality of Life and Family Burden in Cancer Patients Sung Il Soon, Kim Ji Youn, Noh Gie Ok, Ahn Ki Duck, Ryu Eun Jung, Kwon In Gak
614~623 Relationships among Knowledge, Attitude, and Use of Negative Control Maintenance Techniques Toward Older Adults among Nurses Working in Geriatric Hospitals Park Hyang Sook, Suh Soon Rim, Kim Su Hyun
624~633 Development and Evaluation of an 'Activity and Rest' Integrated Course Oh Eui Gum, Hwang Seon Young, Lee Jae Eun, Song Eun Kyeung, Kim Min Jeong
634~643 Affecting Factors of End Colostomy-Related Complications Park Seung Mi, Kim Keum Soon
644~655 The Life Style and Quality of Life according to the Pattern of Type D Personality in Patients with Hypertension Son Youn Jung, Song Eun Kyeung
656~669 Curriculum Analysis of Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Programs Lee Hae Jung, Kim Yeong Kyeong
670~681 The Influencing Factors on Postpartum Fatigue in Parturient Women Song Ju Eun, Chang Soon Bok, Son Youn Jung